If you are interested in learning more about the Religious Society of Friends, here are some suggested Websites and Readings:

Websites: has a listing of links on all things Quaker has Information about Quaker religious beliefs and practices, organizations, and events; service opportunities; and employment listings.

Friends General Conference: Information about yearly conference and resources for friends:

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting: Has information about monthly and yearly meetings: located at

Quaker Books: A site that has books and pamphlets written by and for Quakers: located at

Quaker Blogs:

Suggested Readings:

Silence and Speech by Richard Allen

Listening to the Light: How to bring Quaker simplicity and integrity into our lives by Jim Pym

Faith & Practice by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Encounter with Silence: Reflections from the Quaker Tradition by Joh Punshon

Four Doors to Meeting for Worship by William Taber

Celebrating the Quaker Way by Ben Pink Dandelion

Guide to Quaker Practice by Howard Brinton