Attending Your First Meeting

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Our Quaker Meeting (also known as a Meeting for Worship) is an unprogrammed Meeting which means we meet in silence.  As you enter the room you will be welcomed by those people present.  We sit in a circle with all chairs facing each other.   You will notice that people settle into the silence in different ways, most of us find a comfortable position and close our eyes in expectant waiting.  Some people prefer to leave there eyes open, and others might read quietly. There is no appointed minister to start or conduct the meeting. Our belief and practice is based on attending to the Spirit that is present when we gather together.

Everyone shares the responsibility of ministry and worship. At some point, someone may speak as they are led.   Anyone may speak out of the silence, but no one is expected to do so. It is not uncommon for worship to proceed entirely in silence.
Friends allow time for reflection, at least a few minutes, between messages. We generally refrain from commenting on previous messages. Messages are to be spoken with as few words as possible, but with all that are required.

At the rise (end) of meeting an appointed Friend will reach out to shake hands with the person next to them and say “Welcome Friends”.  Each of us will  then shake hands or hug the other individuals present.  The person designated to end the meeting will ask if there are any announcements or whether anyone has someone that needs to be held in the Light  (similar to praying for someone who needs help/guidance etc.) until we have our next Meeting.  We sometimes have goodies available to share with each other and with visitors.  You are welcome to stay for that or leave when you are finished with your refreshments.  We are a very easy and open group, so please feel free to ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

You are welcome to join us as you are.  Dress as you feel comfortable.

We look forward to seeing you at Meeting!



Socializing after Meeting