Our Meeting is an unprogrammed (silent)  meeting  in the tradition of the Religious Society of Friends.   We believe that worship is always possible, alone or in company, in silence, in music, in speech, in stillness or in dance.  It is never confined to place, time, or form.

We choose to worship in silence as we sit in “expectant waiting” reaching out from the depths of our being to the Divine giver of life and of the world around us.   Friends refer to the “Inner Light” which is “that of God” within each person and all created things.  Each of us experiences worship differently.  There is no “right” way to prepare for worship and no set practice to follow when we sit in silence.  Worship usually begins by stilling the mind and body, letting go of the tensions of everyday life.  There is a deep sense of connectedness to the others who are present as we wait upon the Divine Spirit.  Some individuals may want to prepare for Meeting by reading a Bible verse or other devotional literature, some may meditate or pray silently, some focus on gratitude, each Friend prepares in their own way and has their own individual experience in Meeting.

We often hear others say “I could never sit still and quietly for an hour!”.  For many of us the time passes quickly in an almost “other worldly” way.  We welcome everyone who is curious or who would like to try sharing in the joy of silence.

If you are interested in our Worship Group and have any questions please feel free to email us at contact@georgetownfriendsmeeting.org or  visit us on Facebook at Georgetown Friends Meeting.